High above a crumbling dome,
In darkened tower so old,
I yearn for he who is to come.
The gallant Knight so bold.

Imprisoned when just very young,
For why - I never knew.
Guarded by a fiery tongue
Of a dragon in a greenish hue.

The years have passed, I’m still alone,
But dream of my release.
I often hear wounded men moan,
As they fail to bring me peace.

Twenty knights have tried and failed,
And their bones lie down below.
The dragon feasts whilst mothers wail,
For of their deaths they know.

One balmy night, so dark and still,
I hear a sound so rare,
T’is a horse’s hooves upon the hill,
One more has come to dare!

I rush to gaze from window high,
And look down to yard beneath,
A white charger with armoured knight
His sword still in its sheath.

With angry snort the dragon wakes,
And spews forth briny flame.
The Knight rolls back before he bakes,
The horse just shakes his mane.

Safe to the side, I watch it go,
To await its master’s fate.
The man moves fast, behind his foe,
And bravely shuts the gate.

Now man and beast are face to face,
I see his armour gleam,
He advances at such a pace,
The flames make puddles steam.

His sword flashes in fiery glow,
The dragon takes the bait,
It lashes out with talloned toe
And rips through armoured plate.

The man steps back, his blood deep red,
But pauses not for long.
He renews his battle with anger fed,
To fight against such wrong.

For many minutes I hold my breath,
At the spectacle I see,
For man a beast fight to the death,
The winner will get me.

I can barely move, for lest I miss,
A moment of this fight.
To think I may yet have my kiss
And ride from here this night.

The man is tiring badly now,
I can see it in his gait.
The beast is hurt and weakened too,
I feel it knows its fate.

With a sudden surge of extra power
The man swung that sword so fast,
The wounded dragon seemed to cower,
Then fell, dead, at last.

The knight rested upon his sword,
Both hands upon the hilt,
He looked heavenward to his Lord,
And at the beast with guilt.

For this moment - years he’d trained,
To free me from my fate
Such a mighty creature he’d just slain,
Just to become my mate.

With hefty kicks he swung his legs,
The heavy door was breached.
I heard him coming up the steps
Until my door he reached.

I lay on my bed, and closed my eyes,
With a smile upon my face.
I heard him enter, and draw nigh,
In my breast my heart did race.

He stood for quite a while, I think,
With his hands upon his hips.
But at last I felt his stubbly chin,
As he kissed me on the lips.

I sank my sharpened canines deep
Into his neck close by.
He howled and writhed, but fell asleep,
I smiled, - I now know why!




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