We have but one, yet it covers the subject entire.

The Greeks had more, to great knowledge enquire.

EROS - for passion, longing and sensual desire,

Without necessarily including a sexual fire.

For a deeper feeling, as for beauty admire,

And even for spiritual truth aspire.

Platonic by Plato from Eros inspire.


PHILIA -  is a friendship, to Greeks even today.

Aristotle, that thinker, in his heyday,

Developed the concept, of dispassionate virtue display,

For deepest relations, of loyalty mainstay,

Between family or friends, of fun interplay.

Where lovers enjoy each other’s horseplay.

Of the three, less serious, more like foreplay!


Now, the English use LOVE, for any attraction

But Greeks use AGAPE, for general affection

And to pass to a cook -  general appreciation.

We’re called to do it instead of altercation,

To those we face with great apprehension.

To our neighbours, family and friends in confirmation,

That they are special in our socialisation.




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