As I walk alone across the verdant dale,
Every morn, while most still sleep.
My dogs chase rabbits, across hill and vale,
So my mind wanders, great oceans it can leap!
The pure tranquil peace of open land,
Allows my soul freedom to soar afar,
Untouched by man's grasping, greedy hand,
My solitude is joined by a shining star.

The star is love, with no strings attached,
No contract, or statement of intent,
I am free to find a soul that matched
My heart's desire with no malice bent.
My star is perfect, pure and free,
For no form he takes, until I call
And then his features depend on me,
To create an image I desire above all.

That image I hold close to my heart,
His perfection is seamless and with no fault
With no firm picture, from which to start,
My mind holds images deep within its vault.
Of every Hero who's ever been,
With such courage, tenderness and love,
Whose passions rising, strong and keen
Solely for me, their own free dove.

With no mind on present, here or now,
We spiral upwards to a secret place,
To form a union, I know not how,
In a manner beyond both time and space.
Where love and passion mean so much more
Than things and duty, which bind and tie,
our weak lives to the written law,
Instead, to realms of glory we climb and soar!




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