What is it about being alone
That gives me so much peace?
Why is it that when on my own,
Confusion, stress and fear all cease?

I simply love those moments when,
I have no need to share.
Although I share my life with men,
Who love me, and show they care.

I still adore just sneaking out,
And leave them all behind.
I love them still, there is no doubt
But their love for me can bind.

Iím bound to cherish, love and keep
Them safe, and fed, and clean.
I need them too, my love is deep,
And after years, still keen.

Sometimes I need to get away,
To see who I could have been.
To be that person, come what may,
Who no longer can be seen.

Our dreams and fantasies can roam,
When no oneís there to see,
The exotic places, so far from home,
As a girl Iíll never be.

I can take to me a handsome man,
Or several, if I need.
And do things, just because I can,
From all discussion freed.

Compromise is fine and well,
For couples sworn for life.
But in my mind, such ties I quell,
To forget Iím someoneís wife.

It never lasts that long, I swear,
For I love them with all my heart.
I need them, love them, and I care
So I would never from them part.

My sons and husband are dear to me,
But they should understand.
Sometimes I need to breathe air thatís free,
To solemnise our wedding band.




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