With sightless eyes,
And buzzing flies,
With pools of blood, so dark.
Wide open veins
to vanquish pains,
An end so final and stark.

After years of grief,
Death brought relief,
From addiction to the dead.
His wife cared not,
One single jot,
"Good, I'm glad," she said.

No one cared
For no one shared,
Their life with this shattered soul.
He died alone,
Without a home
And for six days lay in this hole.

Discovered by luck,
By a man with a truck,
The gruesome scene laid bare.
Had the dead man seen,
The fuss at the scene
He'd have noted that some do care.

But as they took him away
At the end of the day
In a sack as black as night.
They cleared up the mess,
And couldn't care less
For the man who gave up his fight.

For we live selfish lives,
Unlike bees in their hives,
Where everyone depends on each other.
In our world of greed
We look down on need,
And spurn even our brother.

Where is grace,
In this depressing place,
With everyone wearing a mask?
What happened to love,
Which came down as a dove
When Christ began his short task?

Too often forgotten,
In our world so rotten,
When love comes second to lust.
Our values are wrong,
And have been, too long,
Where we've lost the value of trust.

Not all are pretty,
Intelligent or witty,
But we each are special to HIM.
We need to develop,
A way to envelop,
Ourselves in love and not sin.




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