Sitting slumped in a dirty hat,
Cold tea in a chipped mug;
Soggy sausage roll, seeping fat,
Canít recall motherís hug.

No job, no hope, no life to live,
Unless theyíre thrown a rope.
Not much more effort left to give,
Sliding down the slippíry slope.

A lifelineís needed, urgently
To rescue from the hole,
Lost self esteem impotently
Entombs the living soul.

Sleazy snack bars attract them all,
Unemployed - with no hope.
From miles around they come to call
Together they might cope.

Politicians spout empty words
To capture hopeful votes.
These soulsí complaints are never heard
Just music of soundless notes.

No one cares for these lost folk,
Their future is not clear.
But heroin, grass, booze and coke
Release them from their fear.

Forever joining the dole queue
Will always make them curse.
To die alone is tragic, true.
To live alone, is worse.

What answers then, can we give
To those forgotten few?
Can our Christian love help them live,
And give them hope anew?

It will take more than love, I fear,
To lift them from their pit.
We need to share what we hold dear,
For greed ainít worth a shit!




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