Here I sit, staring ahead, the silence is my friend.
It is my time now, as the populace sleeps,
I listen, watch, and wait for something to attend
But the radio’s quiet save occasional beeps.
So I ease my back, in its armour encased,
And my belt, with equipment so tight.
My partner is writing about the car we just chased,
And I stare at a point in the night

The shadows make shapes of weird designs.
And my mind creates even more.
I hope and I pray I don’t miss the clear signs
Of parasites breaking the law.
We get out and walk, on rubber soled shoes,
With Maglights ready to flash
Our batons to hand, plus CS to choose.
To combat any villains so rash.

Our beat is dead quiet, the night is so clear,
But a noise to our right makes us look,
For the breaking of glass, so loud and yet near
Means someone is up to no good.
We target the spot, and start walking there fast.
As caution is our best friend,
For danger lurks close, like a ghost from the past,
Ready to rip, tear and rend.

A shop is found looted, its wares now bereft,
As the goods from inside are now gone.
Footsteps a-running away to the left -
The suspects are there, the chase is now on.
My partner and I start to run in pursuit,
Of the burglars now just up ahead.
They are afraid and laden with ill-gotten loot,
And wish now that they’d stayed in their beds.

I call in our chase, to the control back at base,
And they send out others to help.
We could see they were tiring and stepped up the pace,
One saw us, and dropped what he had, with a yelp.
As more sirens could be heard, very close by,
I started to sprint, not willing to share
The men, who looked tired as we drew nigh,
So we followed like dogs with our eyes on a hare.

Around that last bend, they were waiting for us,
But we were prepared for this too,
The fight was short, and they started to cuss
As we dealt with them without a to do,
We cuffed and we stuffed them, onto the ground,
And waited for transport to come.
We recovered our breath, and felt pretty good,
Despite that our legs felt all numb.

We returned all the goods, we found on the way,
To the shop from which they were pinched.
The owner was pleased, and at the end of the day,
He asked whether the thieves would be lynched.
We laughed and we joked, and took the men in,
And behind bars they now will certainly be.
For despite the fact that they’re as guilty as sin
They will be fed, clothed and housed now for free.




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