It was so long ago, I remember it all.
I was so young, and you were so tall.
The River Tay flowed, as we walked by its banks,
As the dogs ran about, after rabbits and pheasants.

Our speech was so stilted, as both of us knew
What the other was wanting, but it was too new.
You took my hand, but your grip was so shy,
My heart raced as your touch made me cry.

The joy was so raw, as this road was so fresh
My mind was confused, whilst flushed was my flesh.
You squeezed with your hand, and my heart missed a beat
I glanced towards you, but you looked at your feet.

To summon the courage to stop and to look,
To face one and other, turned a new page in our book.
My breathing was shallow, as you angled your head
I opened my lips, hoping my need was as read.

You reached out and held me, with both of your arms
I knew what was coming, but felt some alarm
Then I started to worry as to what I should do,
For who would do what, how, why and to who.

Where should I place the nose on my face,
Right, left or elsewhere, it was a disgrace
For lovers shouldn’t worry about things like this,
Particularly when faced with their very first kiss!

When it came, I forgot about everything nigh,
As my heart, soul and spirit soared to the sky.
Our lips and our beings merged into one,
And the dreary old day switched on a new sun.

Moments later, the dogs brought us home with a bark,
They got bored waiting, and thought it no lark
That their walk was prevented by us for a snog,
Lets face it, kissing’s not fun for a dog!




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