There comes a moment in every girl's life,
When she needs to forget she's somebody's wife.
That moment, ideally, involves no one else,
Just a tub, some hot water and loads of nice smells.

I have a huge tub, big enough for two.
I like it so hot, I almost could stew.
I pour in the oils, and the wonderful scents,
I need this so much, as life makes me tense.

I wait for the water to build up the foam,
And then ease in my body, it's like coming home,
I lie there in luxury, my head laid back,
At this very moment, there's nothing I lack.

Every pore on my skin is open and freed,
My muscles relax, this is just what I need.
The cares of the world are temporarily gone,
I raise up my spirits and break into song.

The oils on my body make me feel good,
I feel clean and so sleek,I'd purr if I could.
I lie there for ages, completely at ease,
It is so damn perfect, I'm easy to please.

As time marches on, the water gets cool,
My skin goes all wrinkly, and I tire of my pool.
I wrap a towel round me, and one for my hair.
I sit for a moment, enjoying the air.

It's normally now, my lover comes up,
I'm wrapped in his arms, and my breasts he does cup.
I feel all suggestive and very aware
My body is female, and I want it to share.

These tender moments, we share on the bed,
I love more than most, as I cradle his head.
Our passions arise, our needs are fulfilled,
Life is so wonderful, with him I am filled.




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