Welcome to my writing site at The Authors Haunt.  I always wanted my own website, you know, where I could post all my stories, and be in control of what goes in and when.  Up to now, I have posted stories on Sapphire's Place, Bev's Balcony and Maddy Bell's site, and I will keep on posting stories with them, as they have been marvellous, but this is MINE, all mine (manic laughter).

My problem, if it is a problem, is that I need another 12 hours in every day, just to do the things I have to do, let alone build and maintain a website.  The Authors Haunt is a superb facility that allows me the freedom of my own site, with the luxury of the expertise and brilliance of the webmasters.
So, firstly, my thanks go to Rob for having the inspiration and skills to get this site up and running. My earnest hope would be that those who visit and use this site will be blessed in his endeavours.
Okay, so, this is my little introduction. For those of you who know my work, there will be few surprises, except that some mainstream work may well find its way here, perhaps for feedback before submission to publishers.
For those who don't know my work, it would be best if you knew a bit about me, and then you may understand where I am coming from.

I was four when I knew that fate had played a trick on me and given me the wrong body.  Oh, it's a perfectly good body, in that it does everything it should and has kept me in good shape for over half a century, but it's just it had the wrong bits at birth. Being a boy on the outside and a girl on the inside is not that uncommon, but a real bugger to live with, particularly when you believe you're the only one in the world!

I grew up, made choices and decisions and have had to live with those decisions. I regret none of them, as I am surrounded by a wonderful family and people I love dearly. However, now things are slightly different, I can express the freedom that was denied me many years ago, through my writing.

Please don't get me wrong, I am not bitter, and neither am I full of self pity and regret.  I often wonder what my life would have been like had I made different decisions, but one can't really pine for things that never were.  I've had a very full life so far (and fully intend to live a full life right up to the end), so my stories bear the fruit of my life: the experiences, situations and people that have enriched me greatly.

I hope you enjoy my offerings, looking beyond the quirks of the transgendered hero/heroine and into the world in which they inhabit. You will possibly notice that most of my stories have happy endings.  I'm into happy endings, as I see little point in having an ending unless it's a happy one.  I love the feel-good factor of knowing that the nice people get what they always wanted and the bad guys get what they deserve. It's a pity that real life doesn't mirror this.

So, sit back, read and hopefully enjoy.  If you feel so inclined, then please leave positive or negative feedback, but try not to be too nasty. If you don't like my stuff, fine, but it would be helpful to know why. I do not yet believe I am perfect, so helpful tips and advice on the technical side will always be welcome. For example, when I started writing a couple of years ago, I used exclamation marks like confetti, but I've learned from feedback that it was almost unreadable. I look forward to hearing from you, particularly those of you who say nice things!


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